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Yoga Retreats

Let's Get Balanced – Yoga with us

Imagine yourself tuning into a beautiful new morning with a gentle yoga class, or finishing the day with a sunset yoga session on the beach.


When you come to us, you are on a holiday. You are away from the demands of your everyday life, and we want to encourage you to find your peace. The yoga with us is aimed at maximizing your well-being and inner balance. It is about enhancing your inner journey into reconnecting with yourself and discovering new aspects of yourself. Life is already full enough with should-be‘s and to-do‘s, yoga should not be one of them.

You can leave the demands and expectations behind, we don’t care if you can touch your toes. We care about you obtaining more inner space for new thoughts, we want you to open your body in order to open your heart. 


Yoga is suitable for everyone, and there are no age limits or flexibility requirements. We practice yoga to maintain good mental and physical health, and where you are today is a perfect starting point. You do not need to be anything else. Our groups are small on purpose, so we can modify and attend to your specific needs. 

Your yoga practice is meant for you, and what happens on your yoga mat is part of your own personal journey. If we let it, yoga will teach us about self acceptance, being more kind and loving towards ourselves and learning to be flexible in life.



The yoga classes during our retreats are focused on gentle Hatha / Vinyasa yoga, reflective and calm (yin) yoga and a playful beach yoga flow comprised of easy standing poses.


Yoga outdoors is a beautiful experience. Connecting to the elements around you, feeling the ground underneath your bare feet and the soft tropical wind on your skin. We can learn to be more flexible, to tune into the needs of the body and enjoy the free movement that comes with being outside. We often leave our mats behind and head out to fill our senses with the healing powers of the nature.

6 day Island Yoga Retreat

Spend 7 nights (6 days) on a tropical, volcanic island in the Philippines, and experience the power of pure nature! 

You will be enjoying daily yoga classes, 2 inspirational coaching sessions to uncover your passion, daily healthy breakfast & lunches, excursions around the island to explore hidden waterfalls and snorkeling spots, and feel the magic of the Sunset yoga on the shores of the White Island sandbar. 

An experience unlike any other, an experience to reconnect with yourself and discover the wild nature!


• 7 nights accommodation
• Daily breakfast & lunch (vegetarian + vegan options also available)
• 1 massage
• unlimited yoga classes (yoga offered 2 x day)
• 2 inspirational coaching sessions (done in a group)
• 1 excursion around the island to discover and connect with the wild nature
• 1 excursion to enjoy the magical sunset yoga on White Island Sandbar
• transportation on the island

PRICE: Package price to be confirmed when location is revealed…

• Required insurances and official documentation (e.g. travel or personal insurance, passport, visa)
• Flights
• Dinners and additional drinks
• Other activities purchased on location

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