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Our Retreats

Find your bliss with us!

What is your passion?

Do you want to do yoga twice a day, dive all day long, or combine the two? Would you like to quiet down with meditation or challenge yourself and learn something new?

Pick your passion, mix’n’match, choose your favorite time to come and be on your way to a unique journey of self-discovery!

Our Yoga Retreats

Life is full of to-dos and should haves, and that’s exactly why we want to offer you a space of well-being and calm. Come and enjoy a daily yoga class (or two), wake up with refreshing Hatha or inspirational Vinyasa class, and wind down in the evenings with Yin or Restorative yoga. Hear the ocean and let your senses rest. We don’t care whether you can touch your toes or not, we care about you having space to open up your heart.

You can peel off the layer of your busy daily life, forget about everything else, and focus on yourself. You deserve it.

Our Diving Retreats

Are you a seasoned diver looking to discover some of the healthiest reefs in the Philippines? Or maybe you are contemplating whether this is the year you will conquer your fears and learn to dive.

Whatever your situation is, we have something for you! Get introduced to diving, become a certified PADI diver with us, or improve your underwater photography skills with a pro! Or are you so experienced that few things surprise you anymore? You should try our fantastic muck dives!
While you are here, why not include some yoga classes into your days to help you breathe better and to find your calm.

Diving is a great way to (re)connect with the nature around you and to discover something new about the world.

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