Why you should give diving a go

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(first published on Camiguin Action Geckos Dive and Adventure Resort blog)

I call myself the Chicken-Diver. The kind who is easily spooked by strong currents and who passionately hates triggerfish. The kind who cried all the way from the boat to the shore after her first open water dive, and swore never to dive again. And yet somehow this Chicken-Diver made it to Advanced Open Water Diver and just recently celebrated her 100th dive with Camiguin Action Geckos. I have come a long way!

During my diving journey I had moments when I truly doubted whether I was meant to be under water. It started with the Open Water Diver course already, an experience which taught me the importance of a good Dive Instructor, who makes you feel comfortable. Luckily my very first encounter with diving was in the form of a DSD (Discover Scuba Diving) with Camiguin Action Geckos back in 2012, an experience I kept coming back to in my moments of doubt.

I had moments where I would go through my air in 30 minutes, just because I was so anxious. I had dives where I was nervous already an hour before I had to back-roll myself into the water. But I kept trying and I kept diving, because something always pulled me back.

I believe we should push ourselves, but within limits. We should come out of our comfort zone, but not violently. We should enjoy life while allowing ourselves to grow and develop. All possible here in my safe diving haven.

Diving in Camiguin with Geckos
I’m diving in Camiguin as my home base, and Camiguin Action Geckos is my diving family. The waters here are made for divers that are looking for interesting creatures without crazy circumstances. There are so many dive sites to choose from, and you don’t have to go deeper than 15-18m to get to the good stuff.

Those beautiful dives were the reason I kept on trying. When I felt comfortable, when there were too many jack-fish or turtles to count, when the water was warm and visibility endless. When it was like a meditation, a pure wondrous moment of existing in a completely new environment. When I forgot that I was an outsider and blended in so seamlessly. These were the moments I enjoyed, and these were the dives I wanted more of. That, and the special atmosphere there is amongst divers at Action Geckos. Always enjoying life, always laughing together.

100th dive with Action Geckos!
My 100th dive with Camiguin Action Geckos was just as memorable as my first, even with the same people around me! We went for a night dive, the water was calm and the sun was setting. As we came up from the dive, the stars were out, the lights of Camiguin island were glimmering in the distance and the world was peaceful and quiet. Pure magic!

Had I given into my fear I would have never experienced the magic of underwater. While I’m not saying that diving is absolutely for everyone, what I am saying is that although it can be scary at first, give it a go. Because on the other side of your fear lies the magic.