Why making life decisions is like buying new jeans

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I was out buying new jeans with a friend the other day. As I have learned, when buying jeans one must take the smallest pair that will possibly fit, do the seemingly impossible pull-jump-wiggle -routine a few times until -behold- you can close the buttons! Expect some sweat, it’s part of the process (credits to a saleswoman who once pushed me to unbelievable efforts in the fitting room, because of her I now own a perfectly fitting pair of skinny jeans). Ever since that revelation I have shared my newfound wisdom with anyone buying jeans with me. And it just works!

Later on that very evening another friend called me with a large life decision at hand. Somehow I found myself telling her the story of the jeans, and found that the process actually makes sense elsewhere too. Making huge life decisions IS like buying a pair of perfect jeans!

Let me elaborate.

Large life decisions are scary. And they should be, otherwise we don’t grow and develop. We have to dare to step outside of our comfort zone, have the courage to face the tightness of it all in the beginning and pull-jump-wiggle a few times before it gets comfortable (sweat included). Because, like jeans, and like life, if at the time of purchase you are comfortable, there is no future for you. After a while you will realize that the jeans are too loose, they don’t fit you and before long you are looking for another pair. You are just not challenged.

So when making those big decisions in life, don’t be afraid of the scary first steps, the tightness and the discomfort you feel. That is part of the process. You will grow into it, your new life situation will form itself snugly around you and you can enjoy the feeling of perfect ease in no time. Don’t be comfortable from the get-go, but go for the biggest challenge you can possibly perform, and grow into it!

Life, like jeans, will stretch to accommodate you.