When We Surrender to the Moment

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For the last two weeks I have had the pleasure of guiding our first Yoga Retreats of the year here in Camiguin, Philippines. This meant starting and ending the days with yoga, and having insightful meditation and Life Coaching in between.

Like always, every retreat teaches me something, every student makes me realize something new.

This time my most important lessons were about letting go. Of plans, of goals, of future as we hope it will unfold. I saw what happens, when we are fully in the moment, trusting that the next breath, or the breath after that, will bring us the clue to the next move or to the next thing to say.

Because what happens, is Magic!

Of course I plan the yoga classes. Only to abandon the plans at least half way through the class. I observe how the students are, and feel what the energy is, and I take it from there.

After all, who am I to plan these things beforehand?

The last Retreat ended with a private meditation on the beach. As we sat there, listening to the ocean, I let go of my desire to say something relevant, or something that would be helpful for the student. I had some ideas, some thoughts, but they did not feel right. So I did not say anything. Instead I waited.

One breath. Another breath. Another.

Until I had a feeling in my gut about something that needed to be said. And I follow this feeling. I talk about something I did not plan to talk about. I ask the student to focus on something, and I trust it’s exactly what needs to be received at that moment.

And it was.

Bless this process and journey we are on
What a great reminder it was, again, that while it’s good and useful to plan, it is even more useful to let go of the plans. When we are too fixated on our preconceived notion of what we want to get out of a certain moment, we may lose the point. We may lose the magic that would have unfolded had we allowed it to come forth.

It does not come from me” I say like a hippie afterwards, but I mean it! Like music, like art, like anything connected with the mighty universe, it comes through us.

And I cannot think of anything more rewarding than tuning into that energy and allowing something to come forth through me which needs to be heard at that particular moment.

Beats arguing from a cubicle for a living!

I credit a lot of this to yoga. The more we sit in silence, the easier it becomes. The more we meditate, the more we tune into the answers that are within.

Try it…

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