When do we judge success?

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Lately I have come across the same topic from many different people.

What is considered success, and when can we draw the conclusion that something has been a success (or a failure)?

Is there a time-limit to adventures?
Many people want to try something crazy and daring, maybe change their lives in some drastic ways, but are hesitating due to a fear of failure. What if we make the leap, try our wings, and then for some reason it does not work? Would we have to come back home, tail between our legs and face the ridicule of all the people who thought our dream was crazy and stupid to begin with?

Hmm, better not leave at all, we might think. Better to stay where we are, keeping our head low and believing others when they say our dreams are not realistic.

A good friend of mine summed it up pretty well the other day. She said that too many people put a time limit on these crazy adventures they would want to do. In their minds one has to travel forever in order to make it a success. But who is to say that a success is not a 3-month trip, a 1-year change? Even though you would come back home, and would resume your old duties in life, you still made it! You still DID IT. You will not return the same.

Is that not a huge success?

When does my life have purpose?
When I did my yoga teacher training, one of our teachers was an older lady, a tiny ball of red hair and fierce energy. She is a Swami, has lived in an ashram for 15 years from the age of 18, until she returned to the ‘regular world.’ She got married, had kids, got divorced and felt completely misplaced in a world so different from the one she was used to. She had no conventional education, she had no conventional skills to support herself with. All she knew was yoga, meditation and the secrets to life from that angle.

Had she then judged her life as a whole, would she maybe been inclined to call it a failure? Would she had said she was lost and without a purpose?

And yet now, she has the most beautiful purposes of all, her life filled with chanting, dancing, yoga and teaching others the secrets she has learned. Should she now look at her life as a whole, I’m sure she would be inclined to say it was a huge success.

But I am also sure she is wise enough not to make such judgements.

Who has the master plan?
I try to think that everything that happens to me, is for my own benefit. Sometimes this is challenging, but it keeps me focused. It keeps me balanced and safe, as I know my knowledge of the ‘master plan’ is limited. My viewpoint at this moment in my life is not high enough to make a judgement.

I trust the Universe will take care of me, and that is all I need to know. I will move towards light, happiness, joy and ease, and take it from there.

Every action will take me forward, every step will make me wiser.


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