The wondrous beauty of underwater

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We write a lot about beauty and feelings. Most of them are parables, and relate to inner balance, feel-good and well-being.
Whereas my “newly” discovered passion of diving and underwater photography is a very physical activity, it’s -to me- also equally meditative. I’ve done a number of dives alone, all by myself. Nothing spectacular, nothing deep or risky; just off the beach in Camiguin at around 5-6 meters, and I can just float around there in complete silence, just me and my camera and all the beautiful, funky, silly, weird, colorful creatures.

I’ve discovered diving to be an absolute perfect combination of physical and spiritual activity. Doing these dives by myself I can totally melt away in my surroundings. I’m not responsible for anyone else but myself and my environment and it gives a liberating kind of serenity. I’m very fortunate to have been (and am again) in a place where I actually CAN go out by myself.

I love teaching, and I hope I will be able to give people that same feeling I got when I did my first dive. To transfer that same passion I found in this beautiful other world. Maybe not everyone will be equally touched on all levels, but the beauty under water is not only meditative, or spiritual.
It’s also very physically present. There’s color in abundance. More vibrant and more saturated than you’ll find on land. There is more wildlife underwater than on land.
But it’s something you’ll have to see for yourself. I can show you pictures. And the pictures are colorful. The pictures are wondrous. But only when you’ve seen it with your own eyes will you be able to say for yourself that it actually really IS that beautiful.