The Seasons of our Lives

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Come to think of it, it’s surprising how much weather resembles Life.
Hard winds that make it hard for you to go forward. Sleet blowing in your face from all directions. Snow on the ground, giving you cold feet. A refreshing shower on a summer day, to wash all that blinding dust out of your eyes. The calmer water you (eventually will) end up in after that storm, that has been raging for a -sometimes- unreasonable and unfair amount of time…

Everyone (I daresay without that proverbial exception to the rule) has been through rough patches in their Lives. The Fall and Winter of our Lives, in which things die (sometimes literally) and freeze over, are merely periods. They are nothing but a time-slot which you have to deal with, which you have to live through. It is up to you how long it will take for it to pass. Unlike with real seasons, they are not set to about three months each. Each Season of our Life can last for years, if we let it.
Dealing with them is a personal matter, and different for everyone. As rough patches are different for everyone.
But in the Spring, when all the (c)old slowly fades away and new Life and Opportunities come into being, we also turn into new beings. With the warming sun in our face we’re heading straight towards that bright and positive Season that comes after every dark period in our Lives. A positive Season of your Life that can last for years, if you let it.

And even though you age with every Season, even though your exterior takes a beating for every rough patch you deal with, it doesn’t mean that you grow older. It only means that you get more experienced. Cherish the young one in you. Hold on to its flexibility, its agility and its ability to see good in everything. Hang on to that courage and spontaneity. Don’t allow the expectations of today’s society to numb you and to categorize you into the box you don’t belong in.
We don’t belong in boxes.

You are in control. Carpe Diem!