That little pearl…

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A lot of times you see things and wonder: why? Or: how?
Most of the times it stays with that. For a variety of reasons. You know why or how, but lack the knowledge to change it. You know why or how, and you have the knowledge to change it, but the means to change it are beyond your reach.
Most of the times. But not always.

I am a visual artist. A graphic designer. A photographer. (A perfectionist as well, and that’s very annoying at times.)
And then I started diving. I became a diver. I fell in love with it, head over heels. I splurged. And I became an underwater photographer.
When I got my Open Water certification I bought this little… sigh… ugly, cheap-looking booklet. I needed something to log my dives in, and there wasn’t a choice. It was that or nothing.
That, for me, at exactly that moment when I started logging my first dives, was the “Why?”-moment.
As divers we roam around in the most un-researched, yet most beautiful places of this planet. We see the most beautiful things. We see colors in such abundance, in such vibrancy, we can’t even describe it (trust me, I’ve tried, and as a visual artist, graphic designer and photographer I know a good thing about colors). And then we log our experiences in a boring, colorless, ugly, cheap-looking piece of [you know what to fill in here] that brings our dives to a numbing anti-climax.
Right… I haven’t logged thousands of dives, and I don’t know if things will change if I get to those numbers, but right now logging a dive is part of the diving experience for me.

Pretty much all of the dive logs I have seen are 1) too big or otherwise unpractical in size; 2) colorless; 3) cheap-looking; 4) over-priced; 5) demotivating; 6) uninspiring. I have a vague idea of the why and how, although thinking it over, it really doesn’t make sense.
So I took on a little project, because I could and wanted to. I had the means, the knowledge, the motivation and the network to do something about it.

And I’m proud of how it turned out.
I’ve designed a lot of things, I’ve been part of big publications. But never have I really fully done something like this which is completely me, which is completely my own. From start to finish.
The Diver’s Logs, a registered publication by Reconnect Finland Ltd, are being printed as we speak.
We decided to make two different versions: a BASIC, and a PRO. These names don’t really say anything about the level of the diver, but more about how much you want to write down about your dives. If you’ve “seen it all”, and are just logging for the sake of logging, then you take the pro. It has four dives per page and only a bit of space to report things you’ve come across during your dive. With a total of over 800 dives to log, it’ll keep you going for awhile. If you’re anxious to write down what you saw for each dive, or -as I’ve heard people do- make a sketch or drawing of the dive sites you’ve visited, you go for the basic. It has one dive per page and plenty of space to write down your experiences. The basic version fits a bit over 200 dives.
Both versions have color photos of the things you may encounter underwater during your dives. To liven it up, to keep you in the mood, and to make it fun to log your dives! Because who wouldn’t want to have visual proof of all the beauty you can see down there?
Isn’t that why we go there? Isn’t that how we remember? The Why and the How…

Distribution of the Diver’s Logs will start in the first week of March.
You can order your own copy. Head on over to the Merchandise section of the website for more information.