Same place, many different worlds

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I know we are all different. But it’s interesting to observe just how different we are.

The place where we are currently staying is the same for everyone. It has the same beach, the same dive sites, same weather and the same buildings. Some people stay in bigger bungalows and some in smaller rooms, but for the rest it’s the same for everyone.

Yet the experience is always so different. And the reactions really tell more about the person giving the reactions, than about the place receiving them. One person is only noticing the little things that are ‘wrong.’ There are bugs, the walls are crooked, the island is too small and the beach is not white. Whereas the other is in awe about everything, and only notices the great craftsmanship of the buildings, the sunsets, the smiles on people faces and the untouched nature.

We really do live in different worlds, all of us. The stories you tell about your world, your expectations and how you interact with the world around you shapes your experiences, your environment and eventually, it shapes you.

Other people, as well as the world around you are a mirror. If you do not like what you see, there’s not much the world can do about it.

The same goes for us, as individuals. We often think and worry how other people see us. But does anyone really see us? There are no objective viewers, only people looking at us through their backgrounds, culture, preconceptions and emotional states. Their view of us is heavily colored by their own worlds.

Somehow I find this a relieving thought. If everyone sees me differently, nobody really sees me. I can just exist in peace.

It’s sometimes challenging to feel connected in this environment of separate worlds. But again, the feeling of separateness never truly comes from the outside. It comes from within. It is the thoughts and the judgement that separate us from the rest.

All I can do is take care of my own world and make sure it’s full of roses and rainbows.