Leave! (so you can come back)

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Sometimes the best thing about leaving, is arriving back. Going away just so you can come back again.

We landed back on Camiguin island few days ago. Or more accurately, we dropped out of the sky with a pump so hard it almost gave me a whiplash. But I still adore those small planes that feel light and agile compared to their bigger brothers.

As soon as we landed, I realized I had almost forgotten about the paradise we get to call home. It’s amazing how fast we humans get used to certain circumstances. What starts out as heaven on earth, ends up being so normal you don’t see it anymore.

What a shame. I was ashamed.

But now, after being away only for 5 weeks, I see it again. I smell the air which is so unique, so fresh and so soft. I hear the birds again, the roosters, the sea, the dogs, the frogs. I see the sun, the green, the mountains and the smiles. Oh how I missed smiling people!

Still I have not set my mind on whether we belong here or there, whether I like Asia over Europe, whether I belong anywhere. In both continents I am amazed by the beauty of it all.

Is this a movie set?
During our time in Eastern part of the Netherlands I thought the little villages I had seen so many times before all of a sudden appeared as something out of a Disney movie set. Perfect houses, perfectly maintained gardens, children biking to school without a worry in the world. No crimes, no real dangers, no clue why Asians would call this place CLEAN. I always wondered what that meant, clean. This was before I knew what dirty was.

Another year, another adventure
We get to start PART 2. on our Asian adventure. Another year is ahead of us, and we want to make it even bigger and better than the last. I try to hold on to this feeling I have during my first night back in the tropics. Where life is simpler, smaller and smiles are brighter. I promise to remember this, when in some months time I start to take it all for granted.

And if nothing else, I promise to travel again. To leave so I can arrive, to change places so that where ever I am, I can look around with amazement. This is a miracle, after all. All of it. You, Me, the World.