How to fiesta like a Pinoy

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When it comes to having a party, Filipinos know how to enjoy life. The month of May here in Camiguin is always a festive month, and this year was no exception. There was one fiesta after the other, festivities traveling through the island one community at a time.

During the fiesta the streets are filled with tiny shops during the day, there are most likely basketball games ongoing, small gatherings here and there, and the evenings are marked with loud, pop-up discos which are built on the basketball courts.


You know it’s party time when colorful flags hang above the streets. Basically any colorful, weather enduring material can pass as a flag. As long as they hang happily and invite for a fiesta, that’s fine.





And then there is the nightly boom-boom of the discos…

Local basketball courts are made into discos, with gigantic speakers in every corner making sure the sound carries kilometers away. For those who live close by the discos, you better join the fun because you’re not going to get much sleep. The disco lights and modern music will go on until 2-3am.


Lechon – the national dish of the Philippines

And then there are the animals that form the main dish of any Filipino party – pigs. Lechon is a roasted, suckling pig, which originated into the Filipino culture from the Spanish. This whole grilled pig is the national dish in the Philippines, so during a fiesta season there are many pigs being transported, mainly in bags that have a hole cut out for the snout.

Seeing an animal like this always makes my insides twist a little, although I know the reality in the West is much worse.


There’s another good reason to visit Camiguin in May. Namely the weather is fantastic! It’s sunny, hot, waters are warm and visibility is great (for the divers out there). Rain is minimal and life feels like a great party!