How life is like a burning incense

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The interview series the INSPIRATIONALS, done in cooperation with Reconnect Coaching, will kick off with a lovely, energetic and amazing Spanish lady Paula. Her attitude and passion towards life most certainly is inspirational, and I’m so happy to share with you her version of living according to one’s passion.

How Paula became a traveling soul
Paula grew up near Madrid in Spain, where she lived and studied the Science of Sports and Teaching. During her studies she did an exchange program of one year in the southern part of Italy, where she lived in a small town learning about the culture and the ways of Italians.

After returning back home to Spain to finish her studies, Paula was thinking about her life-long dream. She always wanted to see Hawaii, and maybe to even live there! She decided to try.

After all, if not now, when?

So she tried. She found an interesting job in her field, applied to it, had a series of interviews, believed in herself and before she knew it, she was on her way to spend 2 months in Hawaii.

Those two months turned into 18 months, and the 18 months turned into an inspirational traveling life of pursuing her passion.

Paula enjoying diving in Camiguin, Philippines.

Paula enjoying diving in Camiguin, Philippines.

Why travel?
The reason Paula prefers a traveling life is due to the adventure it provides, the new people she meets and the new situations she finds herself in.

“I want to learn as much as I can about myself, to place myself into new situations and see how I react.”

After Hawaii Paula returned back home to Madrid to complete a Pilates instructor training. She noticed that Madrid was not for her anymore. She was affected by the bug of traveling, of tasting new tastes and seeing new things. She wanted to go as far as she could!

So she did. Her next adventure was working 8 months on a cruise ship in the Caribbean, where she was teaching guests sports while sailing the beautiful Caribbean seas.

Again learning something new about herself, she continued to fulfill another dream of hers, becoming a yoga instructor. Although Pilates and other forms of sport gave Paula a lot of enjoyment, she was attracted to Yoga, because of the feeling of peace and calm it gave her.

After working 8 months in a cruise ship, she continued to Bali, Indonesia to complete a RYT200 Yoga Teacher Training. Before she knew it, yoga and meditation became a part of her everyday life.

Letting life unfold naturally
Paula is a great example of mixing planning and responsible traveling with going with the flow and enjoying life as it comes. She educated herself, she works in the field she loves, and works her way through the world while taking time in between the teaching assignments to explore.

After spending two months in Bali, Paula took the opportunity to visit Australia to stay with a friend she met during the Yoga teacher training. After exploring Sydney for few weeks, she traveled to Hong Kong and started a three-month teaching job, teaching children sports activities in different locations of Hong Kong. She loved it, and as with all of her journeys, there are easier sides and harder sides.

But if you let them, the harder sides will teach you a valuable lesson every time.

Paula in Camiguin2

Giving a spontaneous yoga lesson to kids in the Philippines.

What traveling teaches you
The future is open, as it should be. Maybe Paula will settle in south America, maybe she will continue her yoga training in India, maybe she will return to the Philippines.

So what has this traveling life taught her?

Stop and listen to yourself. Am I happy? If not, ask yourself what would make me happy and do it!

The travels have taught her to follow her heart. To realize there are no walls in life, only the ones we create ourselves. The only opinion that truly counts, is your own, and we should not listen too much to other people’s fears, but try and stay present in our own lives, remain humble and trust that we will be OK.

The tools that she uses for maintaining this are meditation and coaching.

Paula has learned that the more you travel, the more people you meet and more opportunities you create.

After all, we do create our own opportunities.

She encourages everyone to at least once in your life travel alone. This will teach you so much about yourself. You learn to accept the lonely moments, but also find beautiful people around the globe! When traveling, it’s best to keep an open mind and an open heart.

The biggest lesson, yet
The  biggest realization about life came to Paula in a temple in Hong Kong, watching an incense burn. She realized that life is much like the incense she was watching – It’s burning all the time, the burned ashes drop to the ground and what goes to the floor is gone. We are all burning, all the time, but none of us know how big our incense is.

Stay true to yourself and burn bright!

Thank you Paula for the interview, and thank you for sharing! NAMASTE!

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