How Life blows my mind

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I was looking at the choppy ocean from the terrace of my new home. I had just been reading more about the Quantum Physics, and about how our thoughts create our reality (we’ve talked about this).

My thoughts went to a time two years back. And then it hit me. Two years ago I had no idea that I would be sitting where I was sitting now, not even the slightest clue (not that any of us do, really). And as we were having dinner later on that night, we were talking about this phenomenon in more detail. Although I had lived it, I almost could not believe it. Somehow when you backtrack the things you have done, or the things that have happened, it can seem like the whole world has changed. And yet somehow we lived through it all, in our daily step-by-step process, seemingly calmly.

Two years ago, in July 2012, we had not visited the Philippines yet. I was busy making my next career step, traveling a lot for work and climbing up the invisible ladder. I had no idea that during the next two years I would become a Life Coach, a yoga teacher nor that we would start a company together. I had even less of a clue that we would quit our jobs, pack our bags, move to the Philippines to do things we did not know we would do.

Like diving. In summer 2012 we had not yet done one single dive and now Arno is a Dive instructor. I had just started practicing yoga, and now I have the license to teach it.

Only two years! Seems like a lifetime.

But what really blows my mind, is that if two years ago someone would have asked us to describe our ideal lives, something that would make our lives really, really good, no matter how I would have let my imagination fly, I would not have reached even half way to the awesomeness that is our today.

So what does this all mean? It means that two years from now (if not sooner) our lives will be in a place of greatness so vast that we cannot even imagine it now.


Because the future is just a story we tell. Why are we likelier to believe the story of ‘What’s the worst thing that could happen?’ instead of ‘What’s the BEST thing that could happen?’ I have enough concrete evidence from my own life to believe that the future will only get ridiculously better. I expect it to blow my mind on a yearly basis.

This is how I want my life to unfold. To let it keep on surprising me with its infinite possibilities, with its ever unfolding miracles and sweet twists and turns. All I need to do is keep on dreaming. Dreaming so big that I think ‘this is ridiculous’ and then doubling the dream.  Because if we can get here in just two years, I’m shaking in my flip-flops from the anticipation of tomorrow!

How about you?