Did I mention funky looking?

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Like I said before, there are a lot of funky looking creatures out there.
I’m going all nerd on you now, so if you’re not into that kind of stuff, do page on 😉
One of the most colorful, weirdest looking, and one of my favorites (together with nudibranchs) is the Mantis Peacock Shrimp.
It’s a very appropriate name, I think.
It rears up like a praying mantis when it feels threatened and it’s got the fastest strike in the animal kingdom. The speed of its strike has been reported to be 80km/h with a force of about 90kg per strike. I don’t know much about hand guns, but Wikipedia says that’s about the acceleration of .22 caliber hand gun. And the Mantis Peacock Shrimp has been said to shatter aquarium glass, so getting one of these as a pet (aside from ethical issues) is not a clever idea, unless you keep it in a steel tank.
Also, when you photograph one underwater, approach really slowly, because if you move too quick too close, you might end up with a broken port on your underwater housing.