Searching for the Real World

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This is so far from the real world! I heard someone say recently when touring around our small island here in the Philippines. The way people live, what they do for a living, how they pass their time, they way things are. It was all so far from the real world. It really made such perfect sense. It is another world out here, and the laws and ways of the west do not apply. But ask any of the fishermen preparing their boats for their morning trips what they think the real…read more

Who judges the rules of this game?

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Some time ago we were wondering when to judge success. Today I’m thinking about judgement itself, and the rules by which we play our game of life. As Arno mentioned in the last post, when we got here to the Philippines, one of the best advises we got from an old-school expat was not to try to enforce our western morals and ethics here, as it would just drive us crazy. I’m slowly starting to understand what that exactly means. We have never lived outside the ‘west’ before. Sure, we have lived in other…read more

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