Muck diving

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You either love it, or you hate it. There’s not really much room for half-way sentiments here. We’ve met a good amount of divers, even experienced ones, who’d never even heard of the term “muck diving”, and when asked if they’d like to try, had no idea what it was. So what is Muck Diving? The word muck diving comes from the place the dives are done in. Primarily sandy or muddy bottom composition without much corals, but potentially with garbage, or other (smaller) objects that are either brought in…read more

Underwater Photography – 10 tips to shoot like a pro!

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Underwater life is a world of its own, and different rules apply to underwater photography. Not only do you need to have specialized gear for that, you need some new skills to be able to capture the lively creatures of the deep blue sea. The other half of Reconnect Discover, Arno Enzerink, is a professional photographer, and an experienced underwater photographer. Here are ten things he recommends for underwater photography: 1) Make sure you are comfortable under water Before you start your underwater photography journey, make sure you have enough dives under…read more

116 pages of cuteness

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When Walt Disney and Pixar released the animation movie “Finding Nemo” in 2003 clownfish had been around already for centuries. Many of the characters from the movie have become “well-known” in the sense that people (snorkelers and divers) now better recognize the species. The clownfish, however, has made a huge entrée. Especially new divers, but also snorkelers, find those “Nemo fish” super cute. And sure they are. What most people don’t know, is that the clownfish is part of a much larger family, the Anemonefish (Amphiprioninae). Anemonefish All members of…read more

The wondrous beauty of underwater

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We write a lot about beauty and feelings. Most of them are parables, and relate to inner balance, feel-good and well-being. Whereas my “newly” discovered passion of diving and underwater photography is a very physical activity, it’s -to me- also equally meditative. I’ve done a number of dives alone, all by myself. Nothing spectacular, nothing deep or risky; just off the beach in Camiguin at around 5-6 meters, and I can just float around there in complete silence, just me and my camera and all the beautiful, funky, silly, weird,…read more

Did I mention funky looking?

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Like I said before, there are a lot of funky looking creatures out there. I’m going all nerd on you now, so if you’re not into that kind of stuff, do page on 😉 One of the most colorful, weirdest looking, and one of my favorites (together with nudibranchs) is the Mantis Peacock Shrimp. It’s a very appropriate name, I think. It rears up like a praying mantis when it feels threatened and it’s got the fastest strike in the animal kingdom. The speed of its strike has been reported…read more

Myth busters

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If you’re a diver, you’ve probably encountered this one during one of your dives. And probably you’ve been told that Yes, this is one of the most venomous creatures on the planet, and that one of its nick names is the 8-minute snake, and you’ll be screwed if it bites you. The story I was told (and which I’ve heard several times in other places as well, and which I’ve told other people in turn), is that this snake doesn’t have a dislocating jaw, so it can only eat prey…read more

That little pearl…

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A lot of times you see things and wonder: why? Or: how? Most of the times it stays with that. For a variety of reasons. You know why or how, but lack the knowledge to change it. You know why or how, and you have the knowledge to change it, but the means to change it are beyond your reach. Most of the times. But not always. I am a visual artist. A graphic designer. A photographer. (A perfectionist as well, and that’s very annoying at times.) And then I…read more

The beauty of peace and quiet

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Have you ever had that feeling, when you’re out and about, and you want to just go stand somewhere? To just be. To just enjoy the quiet around you? To listen to the rustling of the leaves, listen to the silence? I have that frequently. On one occasion when I did, something quite surprising happened. It was a cold and crisp morning when I was out and about with a Friend. The idea was to shoot the sunrise over the Rocky Mountains, but it turned out so misty that we…read more

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