Anemonefish – A wolf in sheep’s clothes

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I guess it’s safe to say that most of us have seen, or at least heard of, Pixar’s movie ”Finding Nemo”. It tells about a young clownfish, which gets caught by divers to be sold as an aquarium fish. Daddy clownfish comes to the rescue and after countless threatening and funny adventures they are reunited and they live happily ever after. We tend to see these little orange fish as cute, harmless little … well, Nemos. But in fact, they are quite the opposite. The “sheep”-part of the sheep Clownfish…read more

Why you should give diving a go

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(first published on Camiguin Action Geckos Dive and Adventure Resort blog) I call myself the Chicken-Diver. The kind who is easily spooked by strong currents and who passionately hates triggerfish. The kind who cried all the way from the boat to the shore after her first open water dive, and swore never to dive again. And yet somehow this Chicken-Diver made it to Advanced Open Water Diver and just recently celebrated her 100th dive with Camiguin Action Geckos. I have come a long way! During my diving journey I had…read more

The three most deceptively named dive sites in Camiguin

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You see it all the time. People have gone all out to come up with a fantastic name for a dive site. And whereas some may be very appropriate, others may be completely deceptive. A “manta point” where there are no (longer) any mantas to be found. A “nudi corner” where you would be thankful to see two or three nudibranchs, or similar instances. We have a few like those in Camiguin as well. Not so much in terms of suggesting there would be marine life which in reality there…read more

Why you should try the five finger shoes!

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Holidays. Ah, the perfect time to take it easy, be lazy, drink fruit shakes and hang in hammocks. However, sometimes you do want to include some movement and exercise into your holidays, especially if you are traveling for a longer period. One of our favorite on-the-road form of exercise is running. It’s easy, flexible and a lot of fun for so many reasons! And now that we have found the perfect shoe to match our adventures, it all fits together so snuggly. Have you ever tried the barefoot shoes? There…read more

Underwater Photography – 10 tips to shoot like a pro!

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Underwater life is a world of its own, and different rules apply to underwater photography. Not only do you need to have specialized gear for that, you need some new skills to be able to capture the lively creatures of the deep blue sea. The other half of Reconnect Discover, Arno Enzerink, is a professional photographer, and an experienced underwater photographer. Here are ten things he recommends for underwater photography: 1) Make sure you are comfortable under water Before you start your underwater photography journey, make sure you have enough dives under…read more

F R E E D I V I N G – Day 1

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This week is all about FREEDIVING. In capitals, because we are very excited about it! Have you ever considered it? To be honest, I never did. I thought scuba diving was a sport enough for me, and Freediving seemed somehow very macho. Something about it never really attracted me. That is, until we actually met some Freedivers. Contrary to my limited beliefs, these guys were very down to earth, calm and spiritual even. After all, there are many common elements with yoga and Freediving. After seeing this, I was intrigued. I…read more

Preparing, praying and moving on

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That’s what you do here in the Philippines when facing a typhoon with wind speeds of 200km/hr. We follow the locals. We watch them looking at the sky and looking at the ocean. We watch and help with preparations, we take everything in which can be taken in, and close off everything that can be closed off. Then we pray. Uncontrollable nature The locals often ask us if there are typhoons in our country. We entertain them with stories of snow, ice, fogged breath and sun that never seems to…read more

Why bigger is not better

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Things have changed. When you are living on a small island, life is bound to be different than back ‘home’ in Europe. Life has become smaller, that’s for sure. We never wanted a grand existence. All we ever wanted is to be free, and to do what we love. But still the smallness of it all still occasionally surprises me. Sometimes I realize that I haven’t been off our home-base resort for over a week. I have just been watching the ocean, seeing it change directions, getting calmer, rougher, higher and…read more

Surrounded by nature

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I wrote about this before. I had no idea that at some point I would be so literally surrounded by “nature”. So we’re in a nature resort. The place is built from wood, covered mainly with bamboo roofs, surrounded by coconut trees and all kinds of other bushes and shrubs. All this nature comes free with a whole lot of creatures. It’s a constant buzzing and tweeting and gnawing of bugs, birds and other critters. I’ll make a short summary of the “main events” of the past week. There are…read more

The day when Bali plays dead

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We have been fortunate to see many wonderful things during our travels. We have celebrated a Christmas eve in a beach-hut in the Philippines playing crazy games and eating like locals. We have watched the year change on a roof of a hotel in Hong Kong. We have celebrated midsummer in the middle of Guatemala listening to local bands play. We have swam with large manta rays in the Cayman Islands. We have hiked in the jungles in Malaysia and slept in a cave where elephants and tigers just passed…read more

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