F R E E D I V I N G – Day 3

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All is well that ends well. All is well that ends in smiles. But I did not know that when Day 3 came around. I really just had two choices. Either to give into my fear, start crying and paddle back to the shore, or I could toughen up and go through the very thing I wanted least in world (at that moment). There is always a choice… HOMEWORK The night before the last day we did our homework in the form of a carbon dioxide table. You take an…read more

When We Surrender to the Moment

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For the last two weeks I have had the pleasure of guiding our first Yoga Retreats of the year here in Camiguin, Philippines. This meant starting and ending the days with yoga, and having insightful meditation and Life Coaching in between. Like always, every retreat teaches me something, every student makes me realize something new. This time my most important lessons were about letting go. Of plans, of goals, of future as we hope it will unfold. I saw what happens, when we are fully in the moment, trusting that the next breath, or…read more

When the date, days, no longer represent a unit of “time”

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You must’ve had it as well. At some point during the day you look at your watch and go “Dang! I didn’t realize it was THAT late already”, or “I totally lost track of time”, or even “I forgot what day it was today!” Life is strange in that way. We live in a four-dimensional world, where the fourth dimension, the dimension most people only believe in on the surface and the dimension of which science really doesn’t know very much about, is probably one of the most important ones….read more

The beauty of peace and quiet

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Have you ever had that feeling, when you’re out and about, and you want to just go stand somewhere? To just be. To just enjoy the quiet around you? To listen to the rustling of the leaves, listen to the silence? I have that frequently. On one occasion when I did, something quite surprising happened. It was a cold and crisp morning when I was out and about with a Friend. The idea was to shoot the sunrise over the Rocky Mountains, but it turned out so misty that we…read more

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