Conquering your fears… a story with a twist

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The last thing I wrote was about conquering your fears. It was about a great guy, who’d been wanting to dive already for a very long time, and last year finally put up the courage to take the plunge. Literally. When we got to the water with all the gear, and we went under, he almost immediately came up, big eyes, a hint of panic, and he said “Arno, I don’t think I can do this”. But he could, and he did. You can read about it in the blog…read more

Searching for the Real World

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This is so far from the real world! I heard someone say recently when touring around our small island here in the Philippines. The way people live, what they do for a living, how they pass their time, they way things are. It was all so far from the real world. It really made such perfect sense. It is another world out here, and the laws and ways of the west do not apply. But ask any of the fishermen preparing their boats for their morning trips what they think the real…read more

Passion or party?

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Let me state as a first thing here, that there are exceptions to the proverbial “rules” mentioned here. There ARE also “good guys”. And the “rules” I’m talking about aren’t really rules, but my personal, subjective observations. The scuba diving community is one with many faces, many stereotypes, and many generalizations. I’d like to pick out one, one which I’ve been pondering about ever since I got into scuba diving, which has only been a brief period, really. The partying kind For the young it seems to have the reputation…read more

Leave! (so you can come back)

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Sometimes the best thing about leaving, is arriving back. Going away just so you can come back again. We landed back on Camiguin island few days ago. Or more accurately, we dropped out of the sky with a pump so hard it almost gave me a whiplash. But I still adore those small planes that feel light and agile compared to their bigger brothers. As soon as we landed, I realized I had almost forgotten about the paradise we get to call home. It’s amazing how fast we humans get used…read more

The Incredible Lightness of Being (Homeless)

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One of the biggest fears people have is losing their home, their possessions and losing their financial security (or should I say, financial predictability). This is not strange, since one of the basic needs we have is all about certainty and comfort. As long as we can predict the future, all is kinda well in the world. Yet when we challenge this fear, strange things happen. During one of the many times I moved countries, I decided to get rid of most of my stuff. I sold what I could…read more

Preparing, praying and moving on

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That’s what you do here in the Philippines when facing a typhoon with wind speeds of 200km/hr. We follow the locals. We watch them looking at the sky and looking at the ocean. We watch and help with preparations, we take everything in which can be taken in, and close off everything that can be closed off. Then we pray. Uncontrollable nature The locals often ask us if there are typhoons in our country. We entertain them with stories of snow, ice, fogged breath and sun that never seems to…read more

Who judges the rules of this game?

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Some time ago we were wondering when to judge success. Today I’m thinking about judgement itself, and the rules by which we play our game of life. As Arno mentioned in the last post, when we got here to the Philippines, one of the best advises we got from an old-school expat was not to try to enforce our western morals and ethics here, as it would just drive us crazy. I’m slowly starting to understand what that exactly means. We have never lived outside the ‘west’ before. Sure, we have lived in other…read more

The sweet euphoria of nitrogen narcosis

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The other day I went diving for the first time in a week, after sitting out a pretty rough cold (in the tropics, I know, right??). I wanted to go already the day before, but I didn’t feel 100% yet, so I postponed a day. It was better, but I did notice that even now it still wasn’t completely ok. There was still something in my nose and sinuses. I inhaled a bit of salt water through my nose and cleared it, before putting on the mask and going down,…read more

How we are different

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Awhile ago, when it was quiet in the evening and there weren’t so many guests in the resort, I had a very interesting conversation with a few people from our staff. For me it was a great reflection on what I used to have and what I have now. On what kind of society I left and into what kind of society I had arrived. The western society, and especially the Finnish, is a very individualistic society. Everyone basically is “introvert” and busy with their own life, their own career,…read more

When do we judge success?

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Lately I have come across the same topic from many different people. What is considered success, and when can we draw the conclusion that something has been a success (or a failure)? Is there a time-limit to adventures? Many people want to try something crazy and daring, maybe change their lives in some drastic ways, but are hesitating due to a fear of failure. What if we make the leap, try our wings, and then for some reason it does not work? Would we have to come back home, tail between…read more

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