When We Surrender to the Moment

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For the last two weeks I have had the pleasure of guiding our first Yoga Retreats of the year here in Camiguin, Philippines. This meant starting and ending the days with yoga, and having insightful meditation and Life Coaching in between. Like always, every retreat teaches me something, every student makes me realize something new. This time my most important lessons were about letting go. Of plans, of goals, of future as we hope it will unfold. I saw what happens, when we are fully in the moment, trusting that the next breath, or…read more

Want to become a millionaire?

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Isn’t this the dream. And lucky for you all, I have the answer on how to become one! To become a millionaire, all you have to do is travel to Indonesia (sure, you’ll need some to get some), find an ATM and withdraw the equivalent of about 88 USD (€68). The machine will cough up a million rupiah for you, and you’re left living a scene from Friends: “My wallet is too small for my fifties*, and my diamond shoes are too tight!” *In Bali that would be fiftythousands It’s all…read more

Why making life decisions is like buying new jeans

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I was out buying new jeans with a friend the other day. As I have learned, when buying jeans one must take the smallest pair that will possibly fit, do the seemingly impossible pull-jump-wiggle -routine a few times until -behold- you can close the buttons! Expect some sweat, it’s part of the process (credits to a saleswoman who once pushed me to unbelievable efforts in the fitting room, because of her I now own a perfectly fitting pair of skinny jeans). Ever since that revelation I have shared my newfound…read more

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