Our conditioned mind…

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The other day a fellow photographer posted a random post on her wall. In it a box with sour cream and onion flavored crickets, and the question “who’s in?” It was followed by series of responses ranging from “Eew” to “That’s gross” to “Disgusting” and then some. And it got me thinking. Have you ACTUALLY tried them? Or are you basing your opinions on what you’re used to, and how things look on the outside…? This, of course, is not a new concept. Everyone knows that our mind is preset…read more

Conquering your fears… a story with a twist

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The last thing I wrote was about conquering your fears. It was about a great guy, who’d been wanting to dive already for a very long time, and last year finally put up the courage to take the plunge. Literally. When we got to the water with all the gear, and we went under, he almost immediately came up, big eyes, a hint of panic, and he said “Arno, I don’t think I can do this”. But he could, and he did. You can read about it in the blog…read more

The Incredible Lightness of Being (Homeless)

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One of the biggest fears people have is losing their home, their possessions and losing their financial security (or should I say, financial predictability). This is not strange, since one of the basic needs we have is all about certainty and comfort. As long as we can predict the future, all is kinda well in the world. Yet when we challenge this fear, strange things happen. During one of the many times I moved countries, I decided to get rid of most of my stuff. I sold what I could…read more

How we are different

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Awhile ago, when it was quiet in the evening and there weren’t so many guests in the resort, I had a very interesting conversation with a few people from our staff. For me it was a great reflection on what I used to have and what I have now. On what kind of society I left and into what kind of society I had arrived. The western society, and especially the Finnish, is a very individualistic society. Everyone basically is “introvert” and busy with their own life, their own career,…read more

When do we judge success?

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Lately I have come across the same topic from many different people. What is considered success, and when can we draw the conclusion that something has been a success (or a failure)? Is there a time-limit to adventures? Many people want to try something crazy and daring, maybe change their lives in some drastic ways, but are hesitating due to a fear of failure. What if we make the leap, try our wings, and then for some reason it does not work? Would we have to come back home, tail between…read more

Planting that little seed of…

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Doubt…. Opportunity! Kaisa spoke about this already several times. How the Universe always rewards you for the efforts you make (or don’t make). Many times over the past months, since we started our new Life, have we heard “Oh, I would SO like to do that, but…”, or “I’m so envious of you!”, or “I wish I could…”. Or in the other direction “No clue, I haven’t made any plans.”, or “I’m just going where I feel like.” Last week we ran into a couple who was also preparing plans…read more

The inspirationals

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You meet a lot of those here. Inspirational people with their fantastic stories. My favorite is the one when we ask “how long are you staying in Philippines?” and they say “I don’t really know, I don’t have a plan.” It makes me smile every time I hear it. I love it, because I know there is an interesting story waiting to be told. Last week we had a gentleman in his early 60’s. He traveled the world with his backpack in his early twenties, after which he decided that he…read more

How Life blows my mind

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I was looking at the choppy ocean from the terrace of my new home. I had just been reading more about the Quantum Physics, and about how our thoughts create our reality (we’ve talked about this). My thoughts went to a time two years back. And then it hit me. Two years ago I had no idea that I would be sitting where I was sitting now, not even the slightest clue (not that any of us do, really). And as we were having dinner later on that night, we…read more

Society, who are you?

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We get many comments about our current existence. Some are questioning our sanity, leaving a seemingly secure life in Europe for unknown adventures in south-east Asia. People repeatedly ask us about our plans, how long we plan to stay abroad and what our back-up plan is (or my personal favorite: ‘But what about your pension?!‘) Plan? Back-up plan? Pension?? We don’t have back-up plans. We are truly here, for now, letting life run through us. And no, although it looks like it, we are not ‘doing nothing‘ here. We are actually quite busy…read more

It’s all about priorities

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Sometimes you wonder. We came to this place from the western world. From the “civilized” world, as we used to call it. There are many, many differences. Big differences. But with some things most people simply are the same. People in the west would buy gadgets, big tv’s, stereo sets… It’s, I guess, some sort of a status symbol. A way to show other people how much money you have to spend. Some people may do it, because they simply want the quality of imagery or sound, but for the…read more

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