Anchors away!

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Have you ever wondered why you feel so free when you travel?

Nothing is familiar, nothing seems to weigh you down. Home is far away and you have a whole new basis of relaxation and happiness. You see things differently, feel things deeper and you are more alive than ever! Ah, the freedom!

Part of this new-found freedom is the absence of anchors we have created in our lives. Have you ever wondered why something seemingly innocent, such as a color, or a type of car, a smell or a person’s name can cause an emotional reaction which is out of proportion? You know, how Monday morning seems to generate a certain feeling. Alarm clock – coffee maker – or sound of the door. How a certain bus makes us feel heavy, if that’s the bus we take early in the morning. Some street corners remind us of the bad times, some faces can never mean anything good.

Brain chemistry
We have taught our brain to link certain strong emotions into something physical around us. When we experience a strong emotion, the brain is scanning the situation and searching for three things: something unique, something which happens simultaneously with the strong emotion and something repetitive. If the brain finds the same external element appearing simultaneously a few times, an anchor is formed.

But when we travel, those anchors are left behind. Most of the triggers will fade away, we are blank(er) canvases again and perhaps for the longest time can really feel the freedom that is our core being.

Use the force for good
The good thing is, we can also create positive anchors very easily. For example, next time you travel, buy a new shower gel, something you have not used before. Only use the shower gel during the vacation, and afterwards let it be for a few months. After some months, maybe during a cold Monday morning, use the that particular shower gel again.

BAM! Your anchor is activated and you’re pretty much back in your travelling days.

Simple. Lovely. NLP.