A Natural Way to Clean Your Yoga Mat

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Cleaning your yoga mat is an important matter for all practicing yogis. Whilst there are many ready-made solutions out there, they might be expensive, hard to get and full of chemicals.

Luckily it is very easy to make the solution yourself!

Here in the tropics we are not only limited in our supply of ready-made solutions, but also always looking to have simple and natural solutions to everyday challenges. Like how to keep your mat clean, hygienic and smelling fresh.

We have recently started working with essential oils (doTERRA oils, to be exact), and we love them! You can use them just about everywhere, but that’s a different post altogether.

Here, we’ll talk about our favorite mix for everyday cleaning solution with these natural, high quality oils (and no, we are not sponsored, just in love).


All natural Yoga mat cleaner 

For this mix you will need some essential oils, a spray bottle (plastic, we have 250ml) and water.

Mix of essential oils:

  • 4 drops of Melaleuca (tea tree oil) – natural antibacterial properties
  • 6 drops of Lemon – disinfects and cleans
  • 8 drops of Eucalyptus – clensing bacteria buster
  • 4 drops of OnGuard blend from doTERRA – protective, purifying oil blend

Pour the oils into an empty spray bottle, and add the rest in water.

How to use the spray:

Shake well before each use. Spray the cleaning solution onto you mat after every practice, and wipe down with a cloth. Hang your mat to dry.

The beauty of the essential oils is, that it is not an exact science. Try out what works for you, what smells the best, and have fun with the process!