Monday in these waters…

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Here is a little sneak preview of our days here in Camiguin… This one is taken from a diving trip to the near by Mantigue Island, where we regularly go with guests. Can you imagine yourself here..? We can 😀 Check out the link from here: Reconnect Discover – Just another Monday here… See you here!!

Planting that little seed of…

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Doubt…. Opportunity! Kaisa spoke about this already several times. How the Universe always rewards you for the efforts you make (or don’t make). Many times over the past months, since we started our new Life, have we heard “Oh, I would SO like to do that, but…”, or “I’m so envious of you!”, or “I wish I could…”. Or in the other direction “No clue, I haven’t made any plans.”, or “I’m just going where I feel like.” Last week we ran into a couple who was also preparing plans…read more

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