The inspirationals

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You meet a lot of those here. Inspirational people with their fantastic stories. My favorite is the one when we ask “how long are you staying in Philippines?” and they say “I don’t really know, I don’t have a plan.” It makes me smile every time I hear it. I love it, because I know there is an interesting story waiting to be told. Last week we had a gentleman in his early 60’s. He traveled the world with his backpack in his early twenties, after which he decided that he…read more

Are we really free?

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We have been talking a lot about perspective lately. I guess this island life of ours is doing its job and throwing our minds into a lovely spin of all things new. Just like we wanted… Last week I was talking to a good friend via Skype, and she asked me what the favorite part was of my new life. I found it hard to answer, for some odd reason. Thoughts raced by. Was I really happier now? Wasn’t I happy before…. Not that I was always satisfied with my life…read more

How Life blows my mind

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I was looking at the choppy ocean from the terrace of my new home. I had just been reading more about the Quantum Physics, and about how our thoughts create our reality (we’ve talked about this). My thoughts went to a time two years back. And then it hit me. Two years ago I had no idea that I would be sitting where I was sitting now, not even the slightest clue (not that any of us do, really). And as we were having dinner later on that night, we…read more

Society, who are you?

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We get many comments about our current existence. Some are questioning our sanity, leaving a seemingly secure life in Europe for unknown adventures in south-east Asia. People repeatedly ask us about our plans, how long we plan to stay abroad and what our back-up plan is (or my personal favorite: ‘But what about your pension?!‘) Plan? Back-up plan? Pension?? We don’t have back-up plans. We are truly here, for now, letting life run through us. And no, although it looks like it, we are not ‘doing nothing‘ here. We are actually quite busy…read more

Same place, many different worlds

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I know we are all different. But it’s interesting to observe just how different we are. The place where we are currently staying is the same for everyone. It has the same beach, the same dive sites, same weather and the same buildings. Some people stay in bigger bungalows and some in smaller rooms, but for the rest it’s the same for everyone. Yet the experience is always so different. And the reactions really tell more about the person giving the reactions, than about the place receiving them. One person…read more

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