It’s all about priorities

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Sometimes you wonder. We came to this place from the western world. From the “civilized” world, as we used to call it. There are many, many differences. Big differences. But with some things most people simply are the same. People in the west would buy gadgets, big tv’s, stereo sets… It’s, I guess, some sort of a status symbol. A way to show other people how much money you have to spend. Some people may do it, because they simply want the quality of imagery or sound, but for the…read more

A day of days

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I have lived many days. But I can honestly say that the other day I had one of the best days ever! We had a staff day, meaning the whole staff of the resort went out together to Mantigue Island (a small bounty island east of Camiguin Island). The day was not special because of the island trip, I have been to Mantigue many times before. The sun was also shining, nothing unusual there. What made the day so special were the people I was with. The local staff had been waiting for this…read more

Why bigger is not better

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Things have changed. When you are living on a small island, life is bound to be different than back ‘home’ in Europe. Life has become smaller, that’s for sure. We never wanted a grand existence. All we ever wanted is to be free, and to do what we love. But still the smallness of it all still occasionally surprises me. Sometimes I realize that I haven’t been off our home-base resort for over a week. I have just been watching the ocean, seeing it change directions, getting calmer, rougher, higher and…read more

Surrounded by nature

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I wrote about this before. I had no idea that at some point I would be so literally surrounded by “nature”. So we’re in a nature resort. The place is built from wood, covered mainly with bamboo roofs, surrounded by coconut trees and all kinds of other bushes and shrubs. All this nature comes free with a whole lot of creatures. It’s a constant buzzing and tweeting and gnawing of bugs, birds and other critters. I’ll make a short summary of the “main events” of the past week. There are…read more

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