6am and we’re off

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I’ve never been a fan of morning runs. I love running, but in the morning, not so much. I don’t get further than 3-4km before my stomach starts making noises, my hunger gets too big to focus on anything else, my engine is empty and my speed starts to drag. But here you simply have to. If you want to run, you must do it before 8-9am, otherwise you just might overheat and die (well, sort of). So this morning we were out after 6am and took the short road…read more

Are you the fisherman or the business man?

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You have probably heard the tale of the fisherman and the businessman. A simple fisherman was living peacefully in his village with his family, fishing for his family’s needs and for the rest of his time he was relaxing, napping, playing instruments and enjoying the company of his family and friends. Until a businessman came to the village, and suggested that man should send more of his time out at sea. He could fish so much more, sell the rest of the fish and earn more money. Eventually he could…read more

Holy (blessed) mobility!

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In Bali there are offerings everywhere, all of the time. If you are not carefully watching your steps, you might slip into one. This can be particularly painful if there happens to be sticky rice in one of them (true story). I smashed one offering when I was not paying attention. It had sticky rice in it, and I felt very bad, not only physically, but I kept wondering what kind of godly punishment was upon me for destroying a pretty offering with my worn out Havaianas. How rude of…read more

Why making life decisions is like buying new jeans

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I was out buying new jeans with a friend the other day. As I have learned, when buying jeans one must take the smallest pair that will possibly fit, do the seemingly impossible pull-jump-wiggle -routine a few times until -behold- you can close the buttons! Expect some sweat, it’s part of the process (credits to a saleswoman who once pushed me to unbelievable efforts in the fitting room, because of her I now own a perfectly fitting pair of skinny jeans). Ever since that revelation I have shared my newfound…read more

About letting go

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What do you do when you get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity? That’s a difficult question, it seems. It depends very much on who you are, where you are and in what phase of your Life you are. We got this opportunity. It followed a series of events that illustrated what we had envisioned for our Lives. And we were in that phase of our Lives that allowed us to grab the opportunity with both hands. Never easy Both me and Kaisa have been moving around quite a bit. We’ve moved internationally,…read more

A place you may call home.

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The moment when you see your home totally empty, when everything you ever owned is sold and stored away, when you close the door behind you for the last time. That moment is loaded with emotion every single time, no matter how much you prepare for it (and no matter how long you have occupied a house). That moment was upon us this week.¬†We have sold and stored our furniture in Finland, packed a few bags (in some more than in others…) and left. As I am writing this, we…read more

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