That little pearl…

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A lot of times you see things and wonder: why? Or: how? Most of the times it stays with that. For a variety of reasons. You know why or how, but lack the knowledge to change it. You know why or how, and you have the knowledge to change it, but the means to change it are beyond your reach. Most of the times. But not always. I am a visual artist. A graphic designer. A photographer. (A perfectionist as well, and that’s very annoying at times.) And then I…read more

The Seasons of our Lives

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Come to think of it, it’s surprising how much weather resembles Life. Hard winds that make it hard for you to go forward. Sleet blowing in your face from all directions. Snow on the ground, giving you cold feet. A refreshing shower on a summer day, to wash all that blinding dust out of your eyes. The calmer water you (eventually will) end up in after that storm, that has been raging for a -sometimes- unreasonable and unfair amount of time… Everyone (I daresay without that proverbial exception to the…read more

Anchors away!

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Have you ever wondered why you feel so free when you travel? Nothing is familiar, nothing seems to weigh you down. Home is far away and you have a whole new basis of relaxation and happiness. You see things differently, feel things deeper and you are more alive than ever! Ah, the freedom! Part of this new-found freedom is the absence of anchors we have created in our lives.┬áHave you ever wondered why something seemingly innocent, such as a color, or a type of car, a smell or a person’s…read more

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