The beauty of peace and quiet

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Have you ever had that feeling, when you’re out and about, and you want to just go stand somewhere? To just be. To just enjoy the quiet around you? To listen to the rustling of the leaves, listen to the silence? I have that frequently. On one occasion when I did, something quite surprising happened. It was a cold and crisp morning when I was out and about with a Friend. The idea was to shoot the sunrise over the Rocky Mountains, but it turned out so misty that we…read more

Welcome on (y)our journey!

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Life is a surprise. Life is a challenge. Life is unpredictable. Life is rewarding. The past three years of our lives have been the proof of that. Our journey continues on, challenging, surprising and unpredictable. We welcome it with open arms. And we want to take you on our journey. We would like you to see what we’re doing, but we would also encourage you to take this journey with us. We would like your Life to be as surprising, and as rewarding as ours has been, and we would…read more

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