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Diving & Yoga in the Philippines

Shoot! We are currently not operational...

Sorry, but we are currently not operational in the Philippines. We took a break from all the hard work of Yoga & Diving in the paradise (can you imagine!), and are focusing on other initiatives for the time being.

But we still have great tips for you about the Philippines…

Diving on Camiguin island

Diving on Camiguin Island is the best! Well, we love it anyways.

No matter what the weather forecasts say about the rain seasons, the best time of the year to dive in Camiguin is April-October. You can expect warm waters (+30c), and nice visiblity (15-30m).

The worst time to go is December-March. Cold waters (+25-28c – yep that IS cold, trust us), and visibility of 5-10m. Yuck. January and February pretty much rain 24/7 so don’t do it.

Since we are not there, who to dive with? Our dear friends the Black Beach Divers, that’s who! Ask for Axel (Arno’s DM student and now a Dive Instructor), he’ll know how to show you a good time under water!

Yoga on Camiguin island

Camiguin island is the perfect spot for Yoga. You can dig your heals into the warm sand, listen to the waves and let the magnificent sunsets wipe away your worries.

Where to go for yoga on Camiguin? Check out our friends Kurma Freedive & Yoga!