Why you should try the five finger shoes!

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Ah, the perfect time to take it easy, be lazy, drink fruit shakes and hang in hammocks. However, sometimes you do want to include some movement and exercise into your holidays, especially if you are traveling for a longer period.

One of our favorite on-the-road form of exercise is running. It’s easy, flexible and a lot of fun for so many reasons! And now that we have found the perfect shoe to match our adventures, it all fits together so snuggly.


Have you ever tried the barefoot shoes?

There seem to be a lot of different opinions about these funky-looking shoes. The jury is still out on whether they are actually good for your posture or feet, and whether they do what they ‘promise.’ I don’t know about the health benefits, but especially here in the tropics (and while traveling) I could not think of a better sports-partner!

Arno is on his second pair already, his first one was literally used to bits. He has been running on his five fingers already back home in Finland (in the snow!), and I finally gave in earlier this year and bought a pair as well. It was love at first hop!

Remember that feeling when you were a child, and you were just running around? Not RUNNING like we do nowadays, all serious and armed with gadgets to monitor our speed and heart rate, but just goofing around. Well, this is how the shoes make me feel. I feel closer to the ground, my feet are lighter and I just feel more playful. And the best part? They take almost no space in the luggage!


We have been running with these shoes, hiking in the jungles and jumping waterfalls. They seem to be fitting into just about any environment. Or, this at least is our hypothesis, and this is what we will start seriously testing 🙂 So far I have survived lush, dense jungles and river beds (refreshing when you can dip you sore feet into the fresh water without ‘ruining the shoe’ and wetting the socks), as well as concrete roads for kilometers on end.

I did not have to start so slowly either, and did not have pain after first rounds. I started with 2km, and increased to 4-5km quite quickly. Only few times did I have pain in my calves, but Arno on the other hand started with 3km full on running, and suffered pain for 3-4 weeks. So start slowly, and build from there!


Get to know the neighborhood
Another reason we love running here is because of the neighborhood! We have gotten to know the neighborhood much better, and are so much more familiar now with the people, the tiny roads, the local villages, the cows, pigs and the dogs on every corner. The locals are starting to recognize us, some kids running out to the streets to greet us as we sweat by (but mostly they stare in amazement of this weird sight of someone RUNNING, and find it very funny).

In any case it’s a sure way to feel better, to see all the smiles and waves, to experience so much joy and happiness around you.

The only downside about running in the tropics? It’s only doable before 8am in the morning, or between 5-6pm, the last hour of daylight. I usually go for the latter, the mornings are just too precious.

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