Why bigger is not better

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Things have changed.

When you are living on a small island, life is bound to be different than back ‘home’ in Europe. Life has become smaller, that’s for sure.

We never wanted a grand existence. All we ever wanted is to be free, and to do what we love. But still the smallness of it all still occasionally surprises me. Sometimes I realize that I haven’t been off our home-base resort for over a week. I have just been watching the ocean, seeing it change directions, getting calmer, rougher, higher and lower. Without any urge to get out.

Approximately once a week we venture out. We take a tour or visit the main city of Camiguin Island; Mambajao. Although the town is not the biggest of towns, it provides us enough excitement to last another week at the resort.

Don’t you find it boring after a while? people often ask us.

But I love my little life.

When I think about it, was life in Europe any bigger? I traveled between home and the office, and during the weekends we went to the movies or dancing in town. What did I really see and experience then? How was that any better?

Life here teaches us so much about the importance of things. When electricity and internet, the most taken-for-granted commodities in the west, are the most expensive accessories here, even the smallest of things make you happy. A whole week with electricity? PARTY. Working wifi connection, INCREDIBLE!

And you have more time to stare at the ocean and take in the sunsets.