When the date, days, no longer represent a unit of “time”

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You must’ve had it as well. At some point during the day you look at your watch and go “Dang! I didn’t realize it was THAT late already”, or “I totally lost track of time”, or even “I forgot what day it was today!”

Life is strange in that way. We live in a four-dimensional world, where the fourth dimension, the dimension most people only believe in on the surface and the dimension of which science really doesn’t know very much about, is probably one of the most important ones. Everything has to be on time. Everything has deadlines, people get stressed because the days don’t have enough hours to get everything they need done ready.

I used to live that Life, although I wasn’t really very stress sensitive. But those who know the graphic business know that it’s a business with mad deadlines.
Then we came here. We came to a place where the Universe looks different. We came to a place where the Universe only has three dimensions. It seems like in this place the fourth dimension has been sucked into a black hole.
I used to think I knew what it was to lose track of time. I sat at my computer, doing my work, and found myself working until deep in the night and not even noticing until I looked at the clock. But in my new Universe even “clock” doesn’t help anymore.
I’ve genuinely lost track of time. I’m working seven days a week, 12 hours a day. When I wake up I’m done sleeping, when I get tired I go to bed. I’m doing the things I absolutely love and they have swallowed the concept of time. They have broadened my Universe and expanded my days into a timeless zone. I have no clue anymore what day it is, what date it is, and the only way I find out is to look at my dive computer (because that shows the first two letters of the day of the week) and my only reference to time is 9:00 in the morning, because that’s when we’re heading out with the boat on our dives.
If I wouldn’t have that, I would be living a timeless Life. A dayless Life. A dateless Life.

I don’t really mind that one-time-a-day time reference. It keeps me connected to the rest of the world at least to some extend.
But really… Not having time breathing down your neck every minute of the day is forcefully liberating and I can recommend anyone to give it a try some time.