Want to become a millionaire?

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Isn’t this the dream. And lucky for you all, I have the answer on how to become one!

To become a millionaire, all you have to do is travel to Indonesia (sure, you’ll need some to get some), find an ATM and withdraw the equivalent of about 88 USD (€68). The machine will cough up a million rupiah for you, and you’re left living a scene from Friends:

“My wallet is too small for my fifties*, and my diamond shoes are too tight!”
*In Bali that would be fiftythousands

It’s all a matter of perspective. Why did you answer YES YES GOD YES (just a wild guess here) to the question posed in the heading? Did you really want to become a millionaire (which, I am on a daily basis now), or did you perhaps want something else that the million could provide you?

I know I did.

I don’t much care for the huge stack of bills that barely fit my tropical wallet. Besides, it can pose an interesting (first world) problem: The next location where I’ll be staying for 30 days here in Bali costs 6 million for the entire stay. The lady of the house cannot accept credit cards because she doesn’t have the machine for it. So she wants cash. Fair enough, but now I’m in the process of withdrawing a million per day to accumulate enough paper so I can pay her upon my arrival (the village is smaller so I’m not sure about an ATM).

Not only do I have some guilt for taking out half a months worth of local salary on a daily basis, but I still haven’t figured out what to do with the amount of bills! Oh, did I mention, the largest bill most machines will give you is 50 000…

It’s a funny thing to focus on what we really want, and what we’re asking for. If you’re not careful, you’ll end up with what you asked for, not what you really wanted.