The inspirationals

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You meet a lot of those here. Inspirational people with their fantastic stories.

My favorite is the one when we ask “how long are you staying in Philippines?” and they say “I don’t really know, I don’t have a plan.”

It makes me smile every time I hear it. I love it, because I know there is an interesting story waiting to be told.

Last week we had a gentleman in his early 60’s. He traveled the world with his backpack in his early twenties, after which he decided that he would only work until he turns 50, and then resume traveling. How many have thought that? How many have said that and planned that? And yet how many have actually done it? Too often we get stuck in ‘one more year’ kind of thinking. Or in his words, ‘one more Porsche.’

But this man stuck to his plan (well, almost, as he worked until he turned 51). And he has been traveling ever since. He has seen the world. He has been to places. And he is still going strong! He shared his dreams of traveling the Silk Road, traveling across Africa and down the west coast of north, middle and south America. Maybe one year finding a place where to settle.

Many people, young and older, pass by here with similar dreams.

I just broke up with my partner and now I’m traveling.” says one.

I just quit my job and will travel until I run out of money.” says another.

When I was still living my western life with my western problems, these kind of people were rare. Almost non-existent. You might have heard of someone knowing someone who did something crazy like that, but I never actually saw one. What wild creatures they are.

It’s hard to be the precedent. It takes guts and courage.

So when you see people who are on a path similar to yours, you relax somehow. You get to converse about the world exactly the way you see it. Your flame gets just a bit more fuel and you realize you do belong.

This is why I will never tire of listening to these inspirationals.