Society, who are you?

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We get many comments about our current existence.

Some are questioning our sanity, leaving a seemingly secure life in Europe for unknown adventures in south-east Asia. People repeatedly ask us about our plans, how long we plan to stay abroad and what our back-up plan is (or my personal favorite: ‘But what about your pension?!‘)

Plan? Back-up plan? Pension??

We don’t have back-up plans. We are truly here, for now, letting life run through us. And no, although it looks like it, we are not ‘doing nothing‘ here. We are actually quite busy from 7am until 9pm, seven days a week.

Some people in our home countries were calling us naive and brave to the point of stupid. Most people were happy and excited for us. People we meet here in the Philippines are either asking us how we did it, because they would like to do something like this also, or telling us they could never live and work on such a small island.

The other day we had a conversation about this, and it came up that since society tells us to get an education, get a degree, get a job, get a career, get married, buy a house, start a family and start saving for retirement, anything outside of this is not allowed. Or at least you should expect resistance if you do choose outside of this. You know, because SOCIETY is against it.

But who is this society?

Every individual we talk to is either happy for us, or clearly jealous that someone has the guts to choose differently. So why do we keep on saying that society is forcing us into something?

Where is this society whose judgement we so fear?


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