Planting that little seed of…

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Doubt…. Opportunity!

Kaisa spoke about this already several times.
How the Universe always rewards you for the efforts you make (or don’t make).
Many times over the past months, since we started our new Life, have we heard “Oh, I would SO like to do that, but…”, or “I’m so envious of you!”, or “I wish I could…”.
Or in the other direction “No clue, I haven’t made any plans.”, or “I’m just going where I feel like.”

Last week we ran into a couple who was also preparing plans to leave their “old” Life behind, and start a new Life on the other side of the world. I got the impression that everything was still very new, and not all sure yet.
We started talking about office jobs and about not being satisfied with what you do. And we talked about our journey.
The first signs of us wanting to get out. Us taking the first baby steps with Reconnect Discover. Setting up the company, and how the Universe every single time -without exception- had rewarded us in one way or another, for our efforts. And how eventually, we got where we are now.

I won’t deny it. I was scared shitless (excuse me my french). I’ve left a Life behind before and moved to another country. But that was different, that was easy. I was “still young”, and the conditions and destination to which I was moving were secure.
Moving here was driving in complete darkness with broken head-lights. We only had a location, we had an idea, we had a dream. And we had each other. And that was enough. We made the effort, and the Universe rewarded us with a beautiful location, fantastic people around us and doing the things we absolutely love.

Talking about this, with such passion, with such emotion and excitement, I like to think that we convinced them that what they want will work out, if they make the effort.
Yes, it will be a monumental decision. Yes, it will take courage to take the step. Yes, you will be scared. But the reward of that decision will make all those feelings fade.
Kaisa gave a few little tips on how to manifest dreams into physical anchors and we could feel the excitement grow.
I like to think that we planted that little seed of opportunity, that we gave them that little push in the back. A little seed that will grow in to a big colorful tree that helps them believe that they can make their dream come true. Like we did.

And now we’re looking forward to hearing about their dream, about their new Life.

This is exactly what we try to do in Reconnect Discover. We want you to get excited about how YOUR dream will come true. We want to give you that push in your back to actually make that change in your Life.

What would you rather do: have a go at your dream Life and be able to tell about the experience, or be in doubt for the rest of your Life, wondering what would’ve happened IF you would have…?