It’s all about priorities

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Sometimes you wonder.
We came to this place from the western world. From the “civilized” world, as we used to call it. There are many, many differences. Big differences. But with some things most people simply are the same.

People in the west would buy gadgets, big tv’s, stereo sets… It’s, I guess, some sort of a status symbol. A way to show other people how much money you have to spend. Some people may do it, because they simply want the quality of imagery or sound, but for the most… It’s a difficult one to answer.

Over here, where the concept of money has a completely different meaning than in the western world, one would think that the last thing people would buy is a big flat screen or a stereo installation.
Nothing is farther from the truth, though.

Along our running route there are several “houses” (really, in our western definition they would be nothing more than shacks) without doors, without windows, just a bit of wood with openings in them and some woven bamboo leaves as a roof, where you can look into straight from the street. What you see is a 40+” flatscreen  tv boosting an American sports or news channel, or (in the worst case) combined with boxes that are so big that the “house” must’ve been built around it playing videoke at full throttle (there’s no 1-9 on the volume knob here, only “off” or 10).

The other day we had a staff party in a location where we had to travel by jeepney. The stereo installation in the jeepney was worth more than the jeepney itself, or so it seemed. A huge amplifier, subwoofers (yes, multiple), large built-in speakers and a sound, I kid you not, something a western club would be proud of. The bass was so deep that it was almost painful to sit next to the speakers.

So how different are we really, in the western world?