It’s all about priorities

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Sometimes you wonder. We came to this place from the western world. From the “civilized” world, as we used to call it. There are many, many differences. Big differences. But with some things most people simply are the same. People in the west would buy gadgets, big tv’s, stereo sets… It’s, I guess, some sort of a status symbol. A way to show other people how much money you have to spend. Some people may do it, because they simply want the quality of imagery or sound, but for the…read more

Adjusting to a “local” level

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Human beings are known for their ability to adjust. They do it (of course with the proverbial exception to the rule) swift, and smooth. One thing from one of our previous travels comes clearly to mind. We did a dive in Moalboal, Philippines. The air temperature was 26 degrees Celcius, and so was the water temperature. Upon returning to the boat our dive guide started shivering like crazy, he wrapped his arms around himself to warm himself up and his lips turned blue-ish. He was terribly cold. Kaisa and I…read more

Want to become a millionaire?

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Isn’t this the dream. And lucky for you all, I have the answer on how to become one! To become a millionaire, all you have to do is travel to Indonesia (sure, you’ll need some to get some), find an ATM and withdraw the equivalent of about 88 USD (€68). The machine will cough up a million rupiah for you, and you’re left living a scene from Friends: “My wallet is too small for my fifties*, and my diamond shoes are too tight!” *In Bali that would be fiftythousands It’s all…read more

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