Are we really free?

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We have been talking a lot about perspective lately. I guess this island life of ours is doing its job and throwing our minds into a lovely spin of all things new. Just like we wanted…

Last week I was talking to a good friend via Skype, and she asked me what the favorite part was of my new life.

I found it hard to answer, for some odd reason. Thoughts raced by. Was I really happier now? Wasn’t I happy before…. Not that I was always satisfied with my life situation, but I was still happy, underneath it all.

I love how we are more free, I finally said.

You were free also before, my friend replied.


What makes me think I’m more free now? Except my perception. In very many ways I’m much more limited now. I work longer hours, I have far less time for myself, let alone for my partner (although we are together all day…), and I pretty much stay in one spot all of my days. Where would I go? This island is so small that the options are getting limited, and since we are working 12-14hrs a day, 7 days a week, when would I go?

Surely this would feel like a prison to very many.

Yet I feel free and liberated. More free than before, when I actually could leave my job and have a private life. Before I had weekends and holidays. Now I have one big Life that feels free, against all odds.

So there I was again, confronted with perception and the fact that it is pretty much the only thing standing between you and your freedom. Again I realize the same old fact I always realize while traveling – you take yourself with you. Your environment may change, but don’t think it will change everything about you with it, cause it won’t.

I guess my feelings of freedom are coming from finally doing only things that I love, things that make me happy and give me energy. Living a life so small and isolated, and at the same time so adventurous and new.