A place you may call home.

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The moment when you see your home totally empty, when everything you ever owned is sold and stored away, when you close the door behind you for the last time. That moment is loaded with emotion every single time, no matter how much you prepare for it (and no matter how long you have occupied a house).

That moment was upon us this week. We have sold and stored our furniture in Finland, packed a few bags (in some more than in others…) and left.

As I am writing this, we have just spent another relaxing day in Manila getting ready to head out to Bali, Indonesia, where we will stay for 1-2 months before returning to the Philippines.

Homelessness as a lifestyle
I don’t have keys to anywhere anymore. After the first night in Manila (our temporary residence at friends’ house) I was ecstatic when it finally hit me – we are here! And even better, we don’t have to go home anymore! The end of a holiday is no longer looming, there is no boring corporate job to return to. We are free to stay in this sun-kissed part of the globe for as long as we please!

“That’s right, you live here now” said our friend with a big smile.

But do we? Do we really live here now? For us it still seems like we’re just on a holiday. A loooong holiday, but still a holiday. Sure, we don’t have a house (or anything else for that matter) in Finland anymore, but we are not planning to build that anywhere else either.

When I start hearing others around me tell me things like “Oh how I envy your lifestyle” I hesitate. Are you talking to me?! Until I realize that yes, this is us now. Our life = holiday, and we have finally done it! We have followed our passion, our dream and our intuition and left on a journey of a life-time at the age of 34 and 40.

When we sit together at various airports, working away behind our laptops, I feel it. THIS is our home now. THIS is how it’s suppose to be. Just us, wild and free, homeless and at home everywhere.

Digital nomad’ship, here we come!